Mini Crane Versatility: Attachments that Help Streamline Operations on Site

Mini cranes are compact, heavy lifters often celebrated for their ability to work in hard-to-access areas. However, their versatility goes well beyond their small footprint. Thanks to a wide range of available attachments, mini cranes can carry out a plethora of applications, transforming them into multifunctional powerhouses. From fly jibs to auxiliary winches, mini crane attachments diversify the capabilities of your machine, maximizing efficiency.  

Allow us to outline 4 mini crane attachments that help streamline operations on site.  

  • Searcher hook 

Searcher hooks enable lifting in areas with low headroom or in scenarios where a load must be installed close to a ceiling or other overhead obstacle, such as a balcony. By fixing a hook onto the end of the boom, this attachment enables a mini crane to reach nooks and crannies ordinarily inaccessible. A searcher hook is ideal for suspending a vacuum lifter, making it an attachment often used for glazing work.  

  • Fly jib 

This attachment extends the reach of a mini crane’s boom and boosts its lifting capacity. A fly jib is often engaged for lifting and transporting heavy cargo over barriers or into tight spaces. This attachment also functions to increase stability as it distributes the weight of a load more evenly across the crane, reducing the likelihood of tipping.  

  • Auxiliary winch 

An auxiliary winch enables a mini crane to perform long reach lifting when positioned on the roof or an upper floor of a building.  

  • Glass vacuum lifter 

Glass vacuum lifter attachments allow mini cranes to help install windows at height. The sensitive controls of a mini crane enables the precise positioning of glass panes, making them perfectly suited for glazing work.  

Looking for a mini crane? 

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