A Shared Vision for a Greener Future

Construction equipment manufacturers have been quick to respond to the call for more eco-friendly machines that support a greener future. Maeda, a pioneer of mini crane manufacturing, is an example of an industry leader that has risen to the challenge. Investing in emerging technologies, like lithium-ion batteries, has enabled Maeda to produce powerful, compact cranes with neutral carbon footprints. 

It was a shared vision of producing a more sustainable construction sector that first drew YELLO Equipment’s attention to Maeda. “We were looking to partner with a reputable crane manufacturer, one known for creating quality, efficient equipment, but also a company that was diligently seeking ways to reduce or neutralize the carbon footprint of their machinery,” said Randy Hoffman, Crane Sales Manager at YELLO™ Equipment. “Maeda’s innovative fully battery-operated cranes, in addition to their reputation as a worldwide leader in the crane industry, made partnering with them an obvious choice.” 

As an authorized Maeda dealer, YELLO Equipment™ is proud to provide powerful and sustainable mini, crawler, and battery-powered cranes to the North American market. Maeda’s electric-powered mini cranes demonstrate that power and efficiency don’t need to be compromised when looking for an eco-friendlier option for your heavy lifting needs. As battery technology has continued to advance, electric cranes are showing themselves to be as powerful as diesel cranes. Lower emissions, quieter operation, less maintenance, improved safety and higher energy efficiency are among the numerous benefits of battery-powered cranes.  

YELLO’s green mini crawler fleet offer impressive lifting capacities, from 6210 lbs. to 17,800 lbs., and a long battery life – up to a full working day. Short charging times (between 3.5 and 4.5 hrs.), coupled with the option to continue using your crane while charging, mean that you never have to worry about it going flat.  

“Maeda’s battery-operated mini cranes are built with the needs of the construction sector front of mind. No sacrifice in power or efficiency is made when switching to their greener technology,” explains Randy. 

In fact, some are forecasting that this new battery technology has the potential to revolutionize the performance and power of cranes. As the move for a more sustainable future continues to reach new heights, YELLO Equipment™ and Maeda are committed to supporting clients in achieving their sustainability goals and in helping bring the North American construction industry closer to a net zero future.