YELLO Equipment™ Remains Committed to Maeda America

As we roll into our second year of operations, YELLO Equipment™ is celebrating our relationship with Maeda America by resigning our Dealer Agreement. 

Our CEO, Markus Preston of ♾ Preston Group, and National Crane Manager for YELLO Equipment™, Dan Livermore, recently caught up with Maeda America’s COO, Buck Traw

ick, to commemorate this operational milestone and discuss YELLO’s plans for the continued growth of the Maeda brand into the new financial year. 

“YELLO Equipment™ remains committed to Maeda and to our vision of positively contributing to the US construction industry,” said CEO Markus Preston. “Maeda’s innovative technology presents an alternative to traditional cranage options with a plethora of associated benefits, including enhanced safety, versatility, and efficiency. As pioneers in the mini crane field, we believe that Maeda is uniquely situated to continue the evolution of crane technologies into the future.”  

One way that Maeda is demonstrating their future focus is through the rolling out of fully electric cranes, such as the eco-friendly MC285C and MC305C models. “Maeda’s movement towards battery-powered cranes aligns with our own desire to provide more sustainable options for cranage in the building and construction sector,” said ♾ Preston Group COO David Serg. “It’s important to us that we offer machines that are not only of the highest quality but that also contribute to lightening the carbon footprint of the sector as a whole. Maeda is at the cutting-edge of new technologies in the field.” 

YELLO™ is confident that the strength of our relationship with Maeda will see us continue to expand our mini crane fleet and presence in the market as we find new ways to be “with you all the way”.