Mini Cranes & Hydraulic Crawler Cranes – What Type is Suitable for Your Needs?

The heavy lifters of the construction industry, cranes play a pivotal role in helping to get the job done.

When selecting the best crane to meet your needs, it’s important to consider a range of factors, including your required load capacity and the terrain it would operate on. Mini and hydraulic crawler cranes are two of the most frequently used cranes on construction projects.  

In this article, we outline the advantages of mini cranes and crawler cranes and consider which applications they are best suited to.  


Mini cranes 

A mini crane is a compact machine with a small footprint, allowing operators to navigate tight spaces or perform lifts indoors – areas that would be inaccessible to large cranes. In addition to their small stature, mini cranes are characterized by their adjustable, stabilizing legs. Coupled with a low center of gravity, these outriggers enable mini cranes to execute stable and safe lifting operations across a variety of different terrains. These small cranes are ideal for lifting operations in commercial and residential environments.  

Advantages of mini cranes 

  • Maneuverability  

Their outriggers and smaller stature render mini cranes more maneuverable than other types of cranes and therefore better suited for applications that require precise positioning.   

  • Small footprint 

Job sites with limited ground space, or that require access to tight spaces, are perfectly suited to mini cranes.   

  • Stability 

The outriggers of a mini crane enable its weight to be distributed evenly. This enhances their stability, making them more resistant to wind or other potential tipping factors.   


Hydraulic Crawler cranes       

Instead of adjustable outriggers like a mini crane, crawler cranes use large rubber or metal tracks to move around. Able to lift extremely heavy loads, crawler cranes are often used for large-scale construction projects, such as demolishing buildings, constructing bridges, and transporting heavy machinery around site. Rubber tracks enable them to be used inside or taken off-road and to operate lifts on soft, uneven, or hard ground.   

Advantages of crawler cranes 

  • Lifting capacity 

A key advantage of crawler cranes is their immense lifting capacity. This is thanks to their tracked undercarriage which spreads their weight over a larger area.  

  • Reach 

Their long boom provides crawler cranes with significant reach; this makes them better suited for scenarios in which loads need to be hoisted from a distance.  

  • Capacity to go off-road 

Crawler cranes are perfect for remote locations and uneven terrain due to their ability to be taken off-road. 


Final words 

Mini cranes are well-suited to residential and commercial projects due to their enhanced maneuverability and suitability to limited working spaces. The rubber tracks of crawler cranes, however, allow them to lift greater loads and to work on uneven terrain both in and outdoors.  

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