YELLO Equipment™ has a new location!

YELLO Equipment™ has moved to a new Colorado location that can better accommodate our growing fleet of heavy machinery. 

“We’ve quickly shown the market the veracity of our dedication to be ‘with you all the way’ and this has resulted in an exciting expansion of our business,” said Randy Hoffman, Business Development Manager. “As such, we realised that our previous Colorado location could no longer match our space requirements.” 

The new location at 1900 W Hamilton Place, Englewood, is 11,750 square feet, providing ample room to keep growing our heavy machinery offering. “It’s triple the space of our previous location,” said Randy. “We now have a lot of warehouse space so we can store cranes inside, and the yard is also bigger and better able to accommodate our larger cranes.”  

Another positive of the new site is greater visibility. “There’s easier access for trucks into the site, and we have excellent view from the freeway, meaning it will be easier for clients to find us,”

 said Randy. 

As an authorized Maeda dealer, at YELLO Equipment™ we supply a range of reliable, powerful, and affordable cranes and heavy equipment. Spanning mini, crawler, and battery-powered mini cranes, YELLO™ has a crane to suit your every need. We offer machine demos, custom quotes and packages, unbeatable warranty offers and servicing options.  

Speak to our team today to find out more: (409) 770 3091. Or visit our website: