6 Things to Know About the MC285BC

Whether it’s lifting or transporting materials, cranes are often the go-to machine on construction and infrastructure work sites. YELLO Equipment’s range of mini cranes are perfect for confined space operations and have impressive lifting power, making them small but mighty when it comes to performance.  

The Maeda MC285BC is a fully electric-powered member of our mini crane fleet, demonstrating that power and efficiency don’t need to be compromised when looking for a ‘greener’ option. There is a lot to know about this innovative machine, so allow us to share some fast facts to get you started. 

1. It releases zero emissions 

Lithium-ion batteries make this mini crane a more environmentally friendly option without compromising on performance. 

2. It has a long battery life and fast charging time 

When fully charged, the MC285BC has a 9.5-hour continuous running time. The ability to also operate the crane while charging means that downtime is minimized with the MC285BC. 

The lithium-ion battery in the MC285BC has a short recharge time of 3.5 hours, a third of the time it takes to charge a lead battery. Likewise, the lithium-ion battery has a longer service life at 15+ years compared to 3-4 years for a lead battery.  

3. It reduces your energy costs 

With its fast-charging time and energy saving modes, this mini crane helps to reduce overall energy costs for your project.  

4. It’s compact and lightweight  

The compact size of the MC285BC means that you can get this heavy lifter into small spaces on work sites that would be inaccessible to standard cranes.  

5. It operates at a low volume 

Not only does the MC285BC not release any harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but it also helps to reduce noise pollution produced on site due to its low volume.   

6. It has an impressive capacity, lifting height, and working radius 

The MC285BC has a capacity of 6,210 lb. x 4.5 ft, making it small but mighty. The maximum lifting height on the ground is 28.54 ft, and below ground it is able to lift to a height of -33.0 ft. With a working radius of 26.9 ft x 330 lb., this mini crane is perfect for confined space operations.  


Get ready to lift your projects to new heights with the Maeda MC285BC, in stock and available now through YELLO Equipment! Speak to our team today to find out more: (409) 770 3091. Or visit our website: www.yelloequipment.com