Applications Made Easier by a Mini Crane

Cranes are a staple of the construction industry, carrying out lifting operations required in the building of multi-story complexes, roads, bridges, and other large infrastructure projects. While it might seem a logical train of thought that the bigger the load, the larger the crane required, emerging technologies are enabling mini cranes to perform sizeable lifts while also taking up significantly less space on a jobsite. Not only are mini cranes ideal for lifting in narrow access areas, but they also offer superior maneuverability, cost efficiency, and versatility compared to their larger counterparts. This makes them well-suited to carrying out a variety of applications.     

In this article, we highlight 7 jobs made easier by a mini crane.  

1. Glazing 

The non-porous surface of glass makes it notoriously difficult to grip, rendering it one of the trickiest materials to work with. However, window installation is an integral part of residential and commercial building projects. Enter the mini crane! These machines use vacuum glass handlers to lift and precisely position glass panes. Their compact size also makes them suitable for interior glazing jobs.    

2. Rooftop work 

Did you know mini cranes are powerful enough to lift materials from the ground to a rooftop? This negates the need to use block roads at ground level to accommodate a larger crane while offering the same stability. Also, being compact enough to fit inside a service lift on a multi-story building, you can easily transport a mini crane from the floor to the rooftop for faster, more efficient lifting operations. 

3. Lifts in confined spaces  

A key benefit of a mini crane is its ability to carry out lifts in narrow spaces or where obstacles pose a safety hazard, such as power lines. The compact body and superior maneuverability of a mini crane ensures safe lifting in any situation. Likewise, the short or zero tail swing available on certain models enables them to navigate tighter spaces that larger cranes cannot, such as indoors. This is particularly the case when it comes to battery-operated mini cranes like our Maeda MC285CB which releases zero emissions and operates with minimal sound. 

4. Civil construction work 

The lightweight build, maneuverability, and impressive lifting capacity of a mini crane enables them to perform all kinds of civil construction work. They can be positioned without causing much obstruction to the surrounding area thanks to their small footprint and stable legs. From utilities and amenities to airports, railways, and stadiums, a mini crane can support many civil construction projects.  

  1. Steel erection work 

Mini cranes can be used for the lifting and assembly of steel structures for both inside and outside facilities. Although small in stature, a mini crane is engineered to be able to lift incredibly heavy loads like steel frames. Outriggers provide extra stability to hoist steel parts to the desired height both precisely and safely.  

5. Equipment installation 

Manufacturing facilities require industrial machinery to streamline operations. However, this type of equipment is often exceptionally heavy and difficult to maneuver. A mini crane is the solution! They are perfectly suited to picking and carrying entire machines or parts from a truck into the facility. The precision of a mini crane also facilitates the exact positioning of industrial machinery for efficient installation.  

6. Residential construction 

Whether complete builds or renovations, mini cranes are well suited to executing heavy lifting requirements for residential construction projects. Their compact size enables incredible accessibility and the ability to work anywhere – indoors, in confined courtyards, or even on cliffsides. The zero emissions of a battery-powered mini crane enable them to carry out safe lifting indoors.  

 These are just 7 examples of the plethora of applications made possible by a mini crane. Click here to learn more applications of a Maeda mini crane.  

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