Maeda MC285CB

The MAEDA MC285CB Battery Crane is a heavy-duty machine designed for construction sites. It boasts compact design, top-notch battery tech, and 12-ton lifting capacity. With a max boom length of 18 meters and max jib length of 6 meters, this crane offers easy maneuvering and versatility. The user-friendly controls and safety features guarantee efficient and safe operation, while its quiet and emissions-free operation make it ideal for urban projects. Trust the MAEDA MC285CB Battery Crane to tackle any job quickly and effectively.

Engine: IHI SHIBAURA E672L-F/ Diesel
Crane Capacity: 6,210 lbs x 4.5′
Rated Output: 8.57hp (6.4kw)/2,600rpm
Operating Mass: 4,388lb

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The Maeda MC285CB Battery Crane is a versatile and powerful crane designed for heavy-duty construction applications. With its compact design and state-of-the-art battery technology, this crane offers exceptional maneuverability and flexibility. It features a maximum lifting capacity of 12 metric tons, a maximum boom length of 18 meters, and a maximum jib length of 6 meters. The crane’s intuitive controls and advanced safety features ensure efficient and safe operation, while its low noise and zero emissions make it ideal for use in urban areas. Whether you’re working on a construction site, in a warehouse, or on any other industrial project, the Maeda MC285CB Battery Crane is the perfect choice for getting the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.



Crane Capacitiy & Reach
Maximum Capacity 6,210lb x 4.5′
Max. Reach Below Ground Level -33.0’ (4 parts of line) (AUX Winch -328′ (single part of line)
Max. Working Radius 26.9′ x 330lb
Outrigger Max. Extended Width (Lateral)15’8” x (Front)15’6” x (Rear)13’1”
Max. Lifiting Height 28.54′
Weight & Dimension
Machine Weight 4,388 lbs
Overall Length x Width x Height 9’2” (L) x 2’6″ (W) x 4’10” (H)
Drive System
Engine IHI SHIBAURA E672L-F/ Diesel
Engine Rated Output 8.57hp (6.4kw)/2,600rpm
Electric Motor 5.5kw, 4P 208-230V
Standard Safety Features & Performance Devices Overwind protection, angle idicator, hydraulic safety valve, level, machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, moment limiter, workking status lamp, data logger, crane & outrigger interlock device, travel alarm
Optional Equipment Black rubber tracks, single fall hook, 850kg searcher hook


  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Slew Angle Limit Setting
  • Multi-Position Outrigger Mode
  • Wireless Radio Remote Control
  • 4 Fall/ 2 Fall Hook Block
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • High Capacity Battery With Long Life
  • Minimal Charging Time
  • Continuous Operation While Charging


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