YELLO Equipment™ sponsors AIHL team, the Sydney Bears!

YELLO Equipment™ is proud to announce that we are a sponsor for the Sydney Bears!  

We will be there to cheer on the Sydney Bears when they take on the Brisbane Lightning on Sunday 6 August at the Macquarie Ice Rink.  

Three-time Goodall Cup champions, the Sydney Bears play in the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL), the top division for ice hockey in Australia. Currently sitting in second place in their conference, they will fight tooth and nail in the upcoming match to try and secure the number one spot that will guarantee them a place in the final. 

YELLO Equipment™ had the opportunity to meet with fan favourite and alternate captain, Brian Funes, to discuss this exciting new sponsorship between YELLO Equipment™ and the Sydney Bears. With several years under his belt, Brian is a veteran within the team, taking on additional leadership and mentoring roles. Playing defence, Brian’s role on the ice is to block shots, protect his teammates, and afford them opportunities to strike. If you come along to a game, you’ll also see him cheering and encouraging his teammates.

“I’ve always relied on trying to be defensively sound, being hard to compete against,” said Brian. “I play quite a physical role. I like to get in front of the opponents’ shots, make it harder to enter our zone. I provide that physical presence on ice to give the other guys on my team that little bit more room and freedom to do the plays they like to do.” 

Photo Credit: Andrew Bourne, Shot By Bourne (Sydney Bears Photographer)

Asked what YELLO Equipment™ and the Sydney Bears have in common, Brian replied that it’s their unwavering dedication to what they do. While YELLO Equipment™’s defining commitment is to support and service their customers with reliable, affordable, and highly efficient machinery, to be “with you all the way”, this same level of commitment is reflected in the Sydney Bears’ mantra to “never stop competing”:   

“We’ve had situations in the past where we were down by a few goals,” said Brian. “We had to find that inner resolve to never stop competing. Even when the odds seem against us, we go right down to the final buzzer, right down to the final second of the game. Our mindset is that we can get it done despite the situation we’re facing.” 

Not only are YELLO Equipment™ and the Sydney Bears alike in their drive to deliver high quality products and services, or to give their utmost on the ice, respectively, but many Sydney Bears players also work in the construction industry, from landscaping roles to plumbing and civil works. “Both working in construction and playing hockey,” Brian adds, “are very physically demanding things to do. YELLO Equipment™ and the Sydney Bears do whatever it takes to get the job done. Whether that means sacrificing the body, for us hockey players, or YELLO Equipment™’s determination to support their customers through every stage of the lifecycle of their heavy machine.”  

A defining moment of Brian’s time with the Sydney Bears, he said, was winning the Goodall Cup in 2019 against Perth Thunder, 5-2. “Leading up to the grand final, we also managed to beat the Canberra team [CBR Brave], who were believed to have the upper hand with their impressive international players and more extensive corporate sponsorships,” remarked Brian. “If you looked at their hockey resume, they were pretty impressive.” A number of the Sydney Bear players from the 2019 season are still with the team, determined to bring another win home for 2023; they reflect the YELLO Equipment™ spirit of being “with you all the way.”  

Brian promises to “make life miserable for the opponents” in the upcoming game against the Brisbane Lightning on Sunday. “If a guy says, ‘I hate playing against you.’ I take that as a compliment,” said Brian.  

Located at the Macquarie Ice Rink in North Ryde, doors open at 4:30pm for a 5pm start in what promises to be a fast-paced, high stakes game as both teams compete for a place in the final. There’s even the opportunity to meet the players after the game: “The cool thing is that we get to interact with the fans afterwards as well,” said Brian. “Whether it’s signing autographs or taking photos, we get to have a meet and greet. You’re always welcome to come to the Ranch hotel, our post-game venue, and have a beer and chat with us as well.” 

We hope to see you on Sunday for this final-defining match!    

Event Information 

Game: Sydney Bears vs. Brisbane Lightning
When: Sunday, 6 August 2023 
Where: Macquarie Ice Rink, North Ryde (Corner of Herring and Waterloo Road)
Time: Doors open at 4:30pm, for 5pm start. 
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