Large Excavators (31.5T – 64.0T) For Sale

When it comes to projects that warrant maximum power, the team at YELLO Equipment recommends our large hydraulic excavators for sale. These behemoth machines are perfect for mining and construction work, a range of big excavators capable of moving mountains of earth with ease.

Powerful and safe large excavators

Not only are these excavators big, but our large hydraulic excavators for sale below are tested rigorously for safety, making them the machine of choice for major earthmoving projects globally. You can be sure you’re investing in equipment built for operating efficiency, safety and performance when you choose a Sany excavator. Large enough to take on the heaviest requirements in hard-to-reach spaces, a big excavator from Yello Equipment will ensure your project moves in the right direction.

Benefits of choosing a large excavator

  • Big excavators tackle the heaviest tasks easily, completing your projects quicker
  • Optimum performance and power from a big excavator saves time and money
  • Great in a range of applications – large-scale mining, roads and building construction

Our large mining excavators are the perfect addition to any construction company, thanks to the pure power and capability to assist with the heaviest workloads. Explore our QLD and NSW locations.

View our range of large excavators for sale below. If you don’t see the excavator you’re looking for, see our additional sizes of excavators here.

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