8 Applications You Can Achieve with a Telehandler

Have you ever wished for a machine that had the reach of a crane and the lift capacity of a hydraulic forklift? Enter the telehandler! Also known as telescopic handlers or reach forklifts, telehandlers have an extendable boom that allows them to reach heights and areas inaccessible to traditional forklifts. These machines are used across a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to construction, thanks to their ability to carry and place a range of heavy materials across diverse work sites. Pairing your telehandler with attachments enhances their versatility, revolutionising workflow and increasing the efficiency of your projects.   

Let’s dive into 8 applications you can achieve with a telehandler. 

Versatile Applications for Your Telehandler

1. Material handling  

A primary application for telehandlers is material handling. With their extendable booms, telehandlers simplify moving heavy loads from one place to another. Their compact size and maneuverability make them ideal for lifting in enclosed, tight spaces like warehouses or barns. Telehandlers can quickly and efficiently lift and place loads onto trucks, shelves, or even rooftops. So what? This means you can streamline your operations, reduce manual labor, and enhance productivity on any job site. 

2. Earthmoving   

When paired with a bucket attachment, your telehandler can execute a variety of earthmoving tasks, including backfilling, digging, and grading. These tasks are crucial for preparing and shaping the land for construction projects, ensuring stable foundations and proper site drainage.

3. Landscaping   

Imagine transforming a back or front garden with ease. Telehandlers can help you move gravel, soil, and mulch, or even lift and place heavier objects like trees or rocks.    

4. Maintenance and utility installation   

Thanks to their ability to access hard-to-reach areas, such as high structures, facades, and roofs, telehandlers are useful for carrying out maintenance and repair work on residential buildings and infrastructure, such as power stations and telecommunications towers. They can also be used to install cables and utility poles. 

5. Waste management  

Telehandlers are often used for material handling within waste or recycling facilities. When equipped with a blade, hook, grapple, or bucket attachment, your telehandler can tackle various tasks, including pushing, towing, grabbing, and carrying materials.  

6. Agriculture  

A bale fork attachment makes telehandlers ideal for transporting and stacking hay or straw bales. Efficient loading and unloading of heavy agricultural materials, such as machinery, feed, and fertilizer, are another positive that these machines bring to the agriculture industry.  

7. Construction   

Installing windows and roofs, or working on higher floors, on construction sites is a breeze with a telehandler. They aid efficient logistics on site thanks to their ability to load and unload materials from trucks or loading areas and place them wherever required.   

8. Mining  

Telehandlers can assist with mineral extraction in mining and quarrying work.   

Looking for a telehandler?  

When selecting a telehandler, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your operations. YELLO™ provides powerful SANY telehandlers designed to handle a diverse range of tasks with speed and efficiency. Whether you’re in construction, agriculture, or another industry, our telehandlers help you achieve your goals with ease.  

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