M&M Dry Hire Knows the YELLO Equipment™ Difference

Aaron Newman of M&M Dry Hire knows the YELLO Equipment™ difference, which is why he
recently purchased his second YELLO Equipment™ machine: a SANY SY16C excavator.  

The SANY SY16C is a mini excavator with a short tail swing ideal for tackling narrow passages and spaces. Small, agile, and versatile, Aaron was so impressed with his first SANY SY16C that he decided to add a second to M&M Dry Hire’s fleet six months later. He purchased the SY16C Tow & Go package, complete with tilt mud bucket and auger drive. 

As a machinery equipment hire business, M&M Dry Hire know what they are looking for when it comes to excavators. Asked what were the key features that appealed to him about the SANY SY16C model, Aaron remarked: “It’s the balance between quality and price – so far it has nailed it. Less than the big brands, but it’s received plenty of kudos from long time CAT operators. Most comment on how much better it is having thumb controls over foot controls for attachments. Although it’s not zero swing, it has been commented to be much more comfortable than other zero swing models from different manufacturers due to being well-balanced.” 

Most recently Aaron’s SANY SY16C was used at a jobsite in Coffs Harbour, NSW, where holes were required for retaining walls, in addition to stacking and backfilling. Some rocks posed a challenge when they were augering past 1500mm, however, a quick hit with a jack hammer and the auger polished off the remaining shale. 

At YELLO Equipment™ we pride ourselves on providing reliable, powerful, and affordable machines. As an authorised dealer of SANY, we are your dealer in NSW and QLD for all SANY Earthmoving machinery. To learn more about our range of products, give us a call on 1300 093 556 or you can contact us via our online enquiry form here. 

YELLO Equipment™ is with you all the way.