Types of Machinery Required for Highway Construction

Highway construction refers to projects in which new roadway or existing unpaved roads are developed or redeveloped. This involves the engineering, planning, designing, construction, operating, and maintaining of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure the safe transportation of people, cars, trucks, and goods.

With this said, highway construction is a process that is taken very seriously, as it is the difference between safe and not safe roads for transportation purposes. If a road is not paved or constructed properly, serious injury or death can occur. Therefore, using the right equipment and technology for road construction is something not to be taken lightly.

Highway construction demands reliable and trustworthy equipment and workers. Hence, the requirement of specific construction machinery, including material handling equipment.

Often, road and highway construction involves a variety of tasks, including blasting rocks, deep excavation, and numerous difficult tasks that require a wide range of material handler machines. For this reason, allow us to share a number of types used for highway construction:

Excavators – Excavators are a piece of equipment commonly used in the construction industry. A material handler excavator can be used for several purposes, such as to excavate, lift heavy loads, or for demolition.

Mounted on tracks, these excavators are designed to rotate on their own axis to reach and support compact construction areas. Material-handling excavators help in highway construction by breaking asphalt and dividers, clearing trees, lifting materials or debris and so forth. With an array of attachments, these machines can assist with almost anything.

Loaders – Loaders are heavy machinery used in the construction sector for a multitude of purposes, including moving or loading materials onto or into other equipment. This equipment includes dump trucks and conveyor belts. In highway construction, loaders are used for clearing debris and other sorts of materials, such as gravel, logs, dirt, rocks etc.

Motor Grader – Graders are pieces of equipment used to clear and maintain dirt and gravel roads in order to create a flat surface for asphalt. Designed with a horizonal blade, this machine can easily level and clear the environment it is working on. This equipment is considered to be one of the most important machines when it comes to highway construction thanks to its ability to ensure the flatness of surfaces, ensuring the safety of drivers and goods.

Bulldozer – Bulldozers are a common type of earthmoving machinery used to remove a particular depth of soil or to transport materials. Designed with a sharp-edged metal plate at the front, these machines are widely used to remove weak soil and rock through using a pushing motion.

Backhoe – Similar to an excavator, a backhoe, otherwise known as a rear actor, is a type of excavating machinery consisting of a digging bucket on the back and a large loader on the front. Situated on wheels, this machine can be driven and operated like a tractor. Excavators are considered the smaller versions of excavators and are commonly used on medium-size projects. Used on highway construction for the purpose of moving earth and preparing the site, these machines are great for road/highway construction.

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