sy26u fAST FACTS

This challenge tackler is the perfect solution-based partner for all your construction needs; it is particularly great for demanding and harsh conditions. This machine is perfect for intricate tasks, such as civil construction/building, plumbing and drainage, or horticulture and landscaping, thanks to its small body and powerful abilities.

Our SY26U continues to impress us and our customers, and for that reason allow us to share five fascinating facts about our incredible mini excavator to celebrate this exceptional machinery. Let’s dig in!

The SY26U:

  • Has an independent boom swing with limited tail swing radius.
  • Is easy to maintain and service purposes in all operations.
  • Has an advanced LS hydraulic system, integrated power control, and operating mode selection which improve the speed and efficiency of the machine.
  • SANY provides five-year 10 key component warranty.
  • Has a lower fuel consumption.

The SY26U is available in a package under the YELLO Finance™ bundle that includes 3 buckets and a half hitch + 300/450/1000mm mud, for a limited time only, conditions apply.

If you have any questions about our excavator range or would like to discuss the specifics of a machine, please give our team a call on 1300 093 556 or visit our website at