First SANY Excavator delivered to customer

first delivery

YELLO Equipment™ is celebrating a successful milestone with the all-new SANY SY16C excavator being delivered to their first client.

YELLO Equipment™ customer John Ward from John Wards House Raising and Restumping in Greenbank, QLD specialises in the residential renovations and alterations, house raising, restumping and removal. Their newly purchased excavator will be primarily used for the extensive earthworks jobs they complete for house raising services.

John has owned and run his house raising business for an impressive 25 years. Previously John had used hiring services for his excavator needs, before making the decision to invest in his own machine. Hire costs were his largest business expenditure, so John moved forward with a commitment to long-term management of expenses and profitability to benefit his small business making the smart play to allocate his resources into buying a new excavator.

“I approached YELLO Equipment™ to get assistance in choosing my first excavator. The YELLO™ team have been extremely fast in arranging the delivery and helped me get it sorted out in record time.” John commented that quality and price were his prime consideration, however the quality of service and professionalism were a deciding factor to proceed with the deal.
John commented on the impeccable customer service by YELLO Equipment™ being beyond his expectations.

“In the beginning I called a few different dealers with some showing very little interest in answering my questions and securing the deal,” John says. “YELLO™ were extremely fast in their replies and it was evident they have extensive experience in the heavy-duty business. The level of care and attention I received was truly pleasing and impressive.”

“YELLO™ not only supplied me with the SANY machine, but also backs up with servicing and 5 year / 5,000 hour factory warranty.” John points out that is yet another reason that set YELLO™ apart from competitors.

Andy Hopcroft, General Manager of YELLO Equipment™, was delighted to welcome its first customer; “I’m really pleased our customer placed his trust in YELLO Equipment™ to deliver his first SANY SY16C compact unit to undertake specific tasks to help his business flourish. We congratulate the Wards on their first purchase! We see this as the starting point of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship we will foster and support along the way. We are happy that Australians are discovering the difference that YELLO Equipment™ and SANY can deliver to the heavy equipment industry.”

The SANY SY16C mini excavator is an excellent choice for John and his crew when working where space is limited and significant power is needed in a small machine. This 1.75T mini digger will allow John to deliver a whole package solution to the house building and restumping sector from removing the old concrete structures to digging out the space underneath houses.

The YELLO Equipment™ team marked this significant milestone by giving the signature YELLO™ key commemorating this first sale. YELLO Equipment™ is committed to delivering powerful and reliable equipment at a fair price that will lift your profits and help to grow your business.