First YELLO Equipment™ sale in NSW

First sale NSW

We are delighted to announce the first YELLO Equipment™ sale in NSW!

The SANY SY35U 3.8T mini excavator has been purchased and delivered to NSW-based sole trader Kenneth Wosman. With a vast 40 years’ experience in the mining industry, Ken has led machinery project teams for the installation of equipment in mines around the world. Now retired, Ken will be using his new digger predominantly for installing and retaining sandstone walls around his own estate. It was important for him to get a reliable machine that performs to capacity and provides stable operations.

Ken is a repeat SANY customer. His first SANY machine was the SY16C, the smallest unit in the SANY’s range, yet packed with features. Impressed with the outstanding performance of the excavator, Ken decided to expand his fleet of SANY excavators adding a larger unit for larger jobs.

“I bought my first SANY excavator 4 years ago and have not had a problem with it since. So, for me the decision seemed a no-brainer!” Ken said.

Wosman credits SANY machines for their metronomic reliability, great performance and exceptional efficiency. “These diggers are perfect for my line of work. Taking advantage of SANY’s fuel efficiency and reliability, it is very economical to run with a minimum downtime for servicing, which makes for a smart investment. That is why I have stuck with SANY over the years,” he said.

Kenneth was extremely happy to learn of the local back up and after-sales support that will be provided by YELLO Equipment™, his local SANY dealer.

Shannon Bethe, Regional Manager of YELLO Equipment™, is delighted to welcome the first SANY delivery from the new NSW branch of YELLO Equipment™.

“We congratulate Ken Wosman on his recent purchase of a SY35U. It’s always a pleasure to welcome customers who put their trust in the SANY brand and look to Yello Equipment™’s extensive service and after sales capabilities to support their business moving forward,” said Bethe.

The SANY SY35U mini excavator introduces latest noise-reduction technology that ensures quiet operation close to Ken’s residence which is paramount to the comfort of his family.

For farmers such as Ken the SY35U’s versatility offers countless types of application outside of its usual application of digging. This machine can do much more on farms: bale stacking, mowing, mulching, small forest jobs – to name a few. By using the right attachment and maintaining the regular servicing intervals, this digger is an asset for small-scale farms.

Yello Equipment™ has been appointed SANY Dealer for NSW & QLD. Partnering with this global construction machinery manufacturer was important to YELLO Equipment™ who value trusted reliability, productivity and machine quality.