Andy Hopcroft to lead YELLO Equipment™


YELLO Equipment™ is proud to announce the appointment of Andy Hopcroft as General Manager of YELLO™.

With a proven record for establishing new businesses and providing extensive experience and knowledge of the heavy equipment sector, Andy will be a significant asset to this new business.

Prior to his appointment, Andy was a longstanding member of Preston Hire Australia. Joining the Preston Hire Australia team in 2009, Andy is known for being highly adaptable, always willing to take on a new challenge and having his customers at the heart of what he does.

His extensive trade background enables him to understand all facets of a business and the importance of having specialists from the ground up. Starting as a boilermaker and welder running the fabrications division of the Preston Hire business, Andy transitioned into crane operations earning qualifications in dogging and rigging when he recognised the opportunities available and expertise needed as the Preston Hire business expanded beyond SuperDeck retractable loading platforms and started to build their SuperCrane fleet.

“I’ve always loved heavy machinery and remember how excited I was to jump into the driver’s seat and operate these machines myself. Watching firsthand the benefits the right equipment choices can deliver to a construction site is unreal. To truly understand the unique capabilities of each machine and to work with customers to solve their site challenges is where the magic lies. The more challenging the problem, the more rewarding it is to find and execute a solution” says Hopcroft.

This passion for customer solutions saw Andy take a new direction in his career progression moving into sales and operations, paving the way to his most recent role as Regional Manager of Preston Hire WA & NT.

In 2012, Andy was asked to initiate and lead the setup of a new Preston Hire branch in Western Australia. The business hadn’t previously operated independently on the West Coast and needed someone who was ready to take on the challenges and tackle the huge opportunities that lay ahead. Andy was ready and willing!

“The WA business was built from the ground up with strong foundations initiated from day one. I built and led a focused team of employees and developed strong working relationships with our valued clients. I’m really proud of what we created and thoroughly enjoyed the task of establishing a new brand in a new market. I’m ready to do it again, now with the experience and learnings I already have under my belt.”

“Yello Equipment™ is an exciting business to join especially as we are establishing who we are, what we stand for and how we can help customers. To partner with a global brand like SANY is a privilege and I cannot wait to demonstrate the incredible value these machines can provide to worksites in Australia. The opportunities are endless and I can’t wait to get to work!” says Hopcroft.

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