YELLO Equipment™ Ticking All The Boxes


The growing demand for machines that deliver versatility, efficiency and power

across larger excavator models has kept the team at YELLO Equipment™ busy in recent months.

Whilst the highly popular 1t to 5t mini excavators continues to be incredibly competitive machines delivering on both price and quality, the larger models within the SANY fleet are also being recognised for their impressive features, exceptional performance and immense value.

“We have seen a significant shift in demand towards our larger fleet models as more customers are hearing about the benefits of SANY machines,” explained Andy Hopcroft, General Manager at YELLO Equipment™.  “From the SY215C right through to our largest machine the SY500H, these models really pack a punch when the entire package is considered,” said Hopcroft.

“It isn’t entirely surprising given the wide range of tasks these machines can complete with the right attachments. We are delivering to customers from construction sites, road construction, demolition and waste who have all seen the versatility of applications these machines offer. Combined with SANY’s industry best warranty, our new YELLO Finance™ offers and the YELLO Equipment™ service promise, we provide a compelling package worth considering!” he said. The recent launch of the SY155U has quickly been recognised as the perfect civil construction machine for all inner city, demolition, infrastructure and construction applications. With its low energy consumption, limited tail swing and powerful hydraulic system combined with an incredible cab layout and superior quality components, the SY155U is made for hard work and operator comfort to help get the job done.

“The SY155U was designed and built based upon feedback and learnings of experienced operators. This makes discussions with our customers really rewarding as the design, standard feature and machine capabilities tick so many of their boxes. Providing machines that have the end user in mind reflects the values of our business. We are here to make work easier for our customers and SANY helps us deliver on this promise,” said Hopcroft.



The range of machines available at YELLO Equipment™ cater to multiple applications and earthmoving disciplines. The SY215C & SY265C are perfect for baulking out and delivering on large earthmoving requirements. The SY215C features fuel-efficient technology that can save as much as 10% on fuel costs so more work is done in less time – and for less money. Meanwhile the SY265C offers selectable working modes that match performance output to the job at hand to provide power where it is needed.

“The big guys in our fleet, the SY305H, SY365H and SY500H have been of particular interest to the quarrying and large earthmoving sector,” said Hopcroft. “Reliability and performance are key for these strenuous applications, so it is pleasing to provide machines that are built to deliver performance 365 days a year in any conditions, any climate and any terrain. They are designed to provide outstanding performance under continuous stress making them the perfect solution for all sites,” he explained.

The team at YELLO Equipment™ have also announced the introduction of YELLO Finance™ on 1st July, 2021, providing customers with yet another way to make purchasing a SANY excavator even easier.

“It was really important to us to offer a complete customer focused sales solution through finance on our machines. We understand the significant investment new machinery is for many operators and prioritised finding the right finance model for our customers that provided support and security,” explained Hopcroft.

For more details on YELLO Finance™, current offers and machine details, contact the team on 1300 093 556 or