The SANY SY18U is an ideal choice for situations with limited space, boasting exceptional power and unparalleled stability in all scenarios. Its rugged construction and effortless maintenance capabilities make it the perfect machine to meet all the needs and expectations of its users.

Engine: Yanmar 3TNV80F
Rated Power: 14.6 kW / 2 400 rpm
Operating Mass: 1925 kg
Warranty: 5 Year/5000 hr
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The Next Generation of Zero Swing is Here!

If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient excavator that can handle even the tightest spaces, the SANY SY18U Zero Swing excavator is the perfect choice. With a compact design and zero swing radius, this excavator is ideal for a wide range of earth-moving and excavation tasks.

Despite its small size, the SY18U packs a powerful punch, with an operating weight of 1.75 tonnes and a maximum digging depth of 2.28 metres. Its Yanmar engine ensures reliable performance, while the hydraulic system provides smooth and efficient operation.

In addition to its compact size and zero swing radius, the SY18U comes equipped with a spacious and comfortable cab. The cab features a fully adjustable suspension seat, air conditioning, and a radio with USB connectivity, making it a comfortable and convenient workspace for operators.

The SY18U is also designed for easy maintenance and long-lasting durability, with an easily accessible engine compartment and a sturdy steel frame.

Overall, the SANY SY18U Zero Swing excavator is a top-performing and versatile machine that is perfect for a wide range of construction and excavation tasks, especially in tight and confined spaces. Plus, with YELLO Finance™ options and Tow & Go packages available, it’s more accessible than ever before.


Engine model Yanmar 3TNV80F
Rated power 14.6 kW/ 2400 rpm
Ground Pressure 30kPa
Max. depth of blade down 320 mm
Max. digging depth 2385 mm
Max. digging height 3410 mm
Max. digging reach 4010 mm
Max. dumping height 2350 mm
Max. vertical digging depth 2010 mm
Operating weight 1925kg
Min. ground clearance 375 mm
Tail swing radius 1225 mm
Track length 1580mm
Transport height 980 mm
Transport length 2370 mm
Transport width 980/1350 mm
Bucket capacity 0.04 m³
Track gauge 160 mm
Arm digging force 9.2 kN
Bucket digging force 16.6 kN
Gradeability 58%
Ground pressure 30 kPa
Swing speed 10 rpm
Travel speed 3-4 km/h



High power motor
+ Equipped with Yanmar engine, 3TNV80F, exclusively for SANY.
+ It has a high power, 14.6kw, which ensures the reliability of the machine under bad working conditions.

Seat with premium suspension
+ Equipped with a suspension seat to improve operator comfort.

Stable tail and swinging arm
+ The range of the deflection working device is 625 mm left and 400 mm right.
+ Both sides can easily be dug out to the outside edge of the track.
+ The car can be operated in corners and other confined spaces.

Extension undercarriage

+ The adjustable width of the undercarriage is 980-1350 mm.
+ Improving the stability of the whole machine, the excavator can overcome the working space below 1m.
+ The rotating shovel can ensure the passability and improve work efficiency


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