“Getting It Done” With YELLO Equipment™

Getting it Done

At YELLO Equipment™, we understand at times it’s just about ‘getting it done’ when it

comes to the worksite. If you’re looking for powerful and practical diggers, our SANY mini excavator range is just that. These machines can be a work horse for your business or personal use.   

Not all jobs are the same, with some offering little available ground space. Due to their compact size, our SANY mini excavators are a great space-saving option for “getting it done”. Their small width, rotating cab, and compact wing arm also allows them to work in tight and narrow areas inaccessible to most machines. This is why they are often favoured for landscaping jobs on a residential scale, such as garden renovations. 

We have a number of mini excavators available, with varying features from 1.7t – 3.8t.  

You can be guaranteed that we have the equipment to help you with ‘getting it done’ when it comes to all your construction machinery needs. To learn more about our powerful and practical excavator fleet, give us a call on 1300 093 556, or submit an enquiry: https://www.yelloequipment.com/au/contact/