8 things to know about the SY80U


Choosing the right earthmoving equipment for your needs is no easy feat. Making a list

of all of your needs in an excavator and finding one that ticks all the boxes requires research and asking lots of questions of your local earthmoving machinery dealers. At YELLO Equipment™, we like to answer the questions before you even ask!

Looking for a compact excavator, but don’t want to compromise on power or precision? We have the machine you are looking for!

Launched in Australia in 2021, the SY80U was a highly anticipated machine from the SANY fleet thanks to the long list of features and possibly applications it was designed for. Since arriving on our shores, the SY80U has lived up to its reputation and quickly become a go-to machine for those looking for a reliable, robust machine.


Want to know more about the SY80U?
Here are eight facts to help convince you that this is the machine your business needs …

  1. Its compact dimensions and minimal slewing radius make the SY80U short-tail-swing excavator the smallest SANY compact excavator in the fleet.
  2. This mighty machine is in its element anywhere where precise power is needed in confined spaces or on construction sites with impaired visibility. Its efficient slewing radius of no more than 1480mm makes it an ideal choice for road and line construction, work on bridges, redevelopment in urban housing construction and landscaping. The applications are endless.
  3. Built tough with reinforced boom, arm, swing platform and undercarriage, the SY80U boasts an efficient and reliable Yanmar T4F engine and a bi-directional auxiliary hydraulic system. It may be compact, however it isn’t short of power.
  4. The SY80U proves you don’t have to trade size for performance with an 8.8tonne operating weight, comfortable cockpit with heating and AC for all-day operation in any climate. This is an office you will be happy to work in each day.
  5. This compact excavator has a well-considered, maintenance-friendly design allowing for quick access to all service points to minimise downtime. When routine inspections and planned maintenance is required, you want your machine in and  out and back to work ASAP. SANY has designed a machine to ensure this happens.

Advantages of Choosing Yello Equipment™

  1. YELLO Finance™ offers competitive packages on the SY80U to help you get digging sooner than you think. Give our team a call to discuss your finance options today on 1300 093 556.
  2. The SY80U comes with the highly reputable SANY 5 Year/5000Hour Warranty giving you peace of mind and security in your purchase. YELLO Equipment™ and SANY are here to look after you and ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.
  3. The SY80U is in stock and available for a demo with YELLO Equipment™. If we have sparked your interest and you want to see more, give us a call and we can arrange a walk-around or demo so you can get up close and personal with this impressive machine. Call YELLO Equipment on 1300 093 556 and our team will gladly assist.

At YELLO Equipment™ we promote that we are ‘With you all the way…’

This is our promise to our customers and a commitment we take seriously. For any queries or to learn more about the SY80U or any of our range, please give us a call and we will gladly assist.