6 Things to Know When Buying a Wheel Loader

6 Things to Know When Buying a Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders are versatile machines used in a wide range of industries, including

farming, construction, mining, and landscaping. Whatever your lifting and carrying needs, there’s a wheel loader fit for the job! However, as this type of heavy equipment comes in various sizes and with different specifications you may find yourself wondering how to choose the best wheel loader for your needs.  

Allow us to share 6 factors to consider when buying a wheel loader.  


Selecting the right-sized wheel loader helps maximise your return on investment and so it’s a critical consideration. Each category of wheel loader is designed for specific applications and roughly divided into small, medium, and large sub-classes. Small wheel loaders, for instance, are typically used for work in tight spaces on urban construction sites. Large wheel loaders, on the other hand, are better suited for mining and quarry jobs with substantial loads.  

To help you determine the size you’ll need, it’s useful to consider the types of jobs you would be using your wheel loader for, the approximate size and weight of the materials it would need to lift and carry, and whether it would have to keep up with another machine. If you required a machine that could efficiently load a truck, for example, capacity and power would be vital considerations when selecting a suitable unit. A knowledgeable heavy equipment provider like YELLO Equipment™ can help you find the best wheel loader to meet your needs.  

2. Required attachments 

Buckets, blades, grapples, forks, hedge trimmers, rippers – attachments greatly diversify the jobs your earthmoving equipment can do. Consider which loader-specific attachments you will require as this will help narrow down the list of suitable wheel loaders. As the bucket is the component that allows the machine to lift, dig, scoop, or transport materials, it’s critical that your wheel loader has the right bucket to match your requirements.  

3. Articulated vs. Fixed frame wheel loaders 

Articulated wheel loaders are unique in that they have a joint between the front and rear sections, allowing greater manoeuvrability. This makes them the best choice for working in tight spaces such in urban building sites. Fixed frame wheel loaders, as the name suggests, have a fixed frame, making them more stable for heavier lifting operations. These types of wheel loaders are more commonly used when large volumes of materials need to be handled, such as in mining.  

4. Aftersales support  

While choosing a wheel loader that can meet your lifting and carrying needs is vital, another aspect often overlooked is the aftersales support you’ll receive. It’s important to purchase your construction equipment from a provider that can offer strong aftersales support, preferably one with service premises so that you don’t have to travel a great distance for maintenance. Manufacturer warranties and access to spare parts are also things to take into consideration when choosing a provider. At YELLO Equipment™ we support our customers throughout the life of their machines – from point of purchase to servicing and OEM parts, we’re ‘with you all the way’.  

5. Serviceability  

Speaking of servicing, does the wheel loader offer easy access to maintenance points, like the hydraulic hoses and engine? This is another important thing to consider as the less time your machine takes to service, the less downtime you’ll experience on projects.    

6. Comfort 

While comfort might not be at the top of your list when looking for a new wheel loader, you should still take it into account as comfort and ease boost productivity. If possible, jump into the cab and test out the wheel loader: how smoothly does it drive? Is a lot of noise generated? Are the joystick controls easy to use? Does it have air conditioning and suspension seating? Comfort and simplicity of operation are important characteristics to look for in a wheel loader.   


Are you looking for wheel loaders for sale? At YELLO Equipment™ we’re with you all the way. To learn more about how we can help you with all your wheel loader needs, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff on 1300 093 556 or you can contact us through our website.