5 Safety Innovations of the SANY Excavator Range


Safety has always been a priority for both YELLO Equipment™ and SANY.

The protection of our customers and their personnel at work sites is vital, so we take great pride in promoting the work that SANY continues to do in advancing their safety features across our excavator range.

To protect you and others around you, your excavator machine will be equipped with a range of safety equipment including front guard, Rops & Fops Cabs and Canopys, LED Lights, safety signs, horn, travel alarm, mirrors, Reverse Camera’s, fire extinguisher, Hose Burst Drop Valves, Double locking Quick hitches and windshield wipers.

However, beyond these standard features, we specifically promote and applaud the following 5 features that provide additional confidence and protection to the user making SANY excavator machines a superior offering in the market.

  1. Battery Disconnect Switch.

The battery disconnect switch is located inside the excavator’s battery compartment and can be used to isolate battery voltage from the machine. Unlike the ignition switch, which still allows voltage to some of the machine’s electrical circuits when turned off, the battery disconnect switch isolates all of the machine’s electrical circuits from battery voltage. They are designed to help prevent tampering, theft, battery drain and electrical fires.

The battery disconnect switch is typically used when storing the machine for a long period (over 1 month), servicing or repairing the electrical system, or when performing electric welding.

  1. Falling Object Protection Structure.

The top plate of the operator cab is punch-formed with a thick high-strength steel sheet integrated with reinforced ribs which maximises the safety of the operator. You can feel comfortable and protected inside your air-conditioned, enclosed cab knowing the design is protected.

  1. Extensive Visibility.

The large windows and sophisticated cab design ensure that the driver has the best possible view of the area around the vehicle. The 360° panoramic view allows exceptional safety levels in the working area.

  1. Rotating Warning Beacons.

To ensure that people, machines, buildings and the environment are optimally protected, each machine is fitted with a rotating warning beacon and travel alarm assisting the operator to focus on their work during operation.

  1. Lockable Protective Bonnets.

The generously sized bonnets ensure quick and easy access to all maintenance-related components. The central lubrication points enable a central supply to various bearings. The engine bonnet can be fully opened and the clear arrangement of the key components in the centre make maintenance and service quick, easy and safe for the operator or technician to access and clearly assess the machine’s needs.

When it comes to safety we never compromise on quality and keeping our customers protected. SANY Excavators have been thoughtfully and purposefully built with safety features throughout. You can always trust SANY and rely on YELLO Equipment™ to provide you with products that will keep you and your team working hard in a safe environment.

For more information specific to your needs or to discuss our range of excavators with our sales team, please contact YELLO Equipment™ on 1300 093 556 or email us at sales@yelloequipment.com