3 Ways your SANY Excavator will save you time and money

3 ways 1

Working efficiently is everyone’s number one goal!

We understand the importance of meeting project timelines and sticking to your budget and the team at YELLO Equipment™ are here to help you achieve these goals.

Our range of SANY Excavators have been carefully selected on the merits of their versatility, functionality and reliability that will inevitably save you time and money each and every time you turn the key.

Here is a look at how our SANY Excavators will improve your project efficiencies…

1.A is for Attachments! Each of our SANY Excavators can be fitted with various attachments allowing you to transform your machine to perform various roles. Fit a grapple for land clearing, a bucket to dig foundation footings or trenches for underground utilities, a clamp for site prep projects or a plate compactor to finish trenches. Your SANY machine is the Edward Scissorhands of the excavator world! We can help you make smart purchase decisions allowing your SANY Excavator to perform the roles of a Hydraulic Crane, a Loader, a backhoe, a compactor & a drilling machine all from the one clever purchase with YELLO Equipment™.

2. Multi-tasking Machines. Understanding the functionality of your machine will allow you to perform multiple tasks from a variety of disciplines. Your SANY Excavator has the ability to dig trenches, move large objects, lift and place pipes, complete river dredging, demolition, landscaping, site grading and so much more. We have seen our machines employed in waste, landscaping, civil infrastructure, urban development, general construction and agriculture projects thanks to their ability to perform small-scale tasks such as digging, garden construction and agricultural site preparation right through to large-scale tasks in major construction. With such diversity in application, a SANY Excavator could be the machine you are looking for to complete your tasks in a fast, efficient and economical manner.

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder. SANY machines have been fitted with advanced technologies and low energy consumption levels are a characteristic feature of Sany models. The smart hydraulic system ensures the highest possible fuel efficiency, fewer exhaust emissions and reduced wear. Machine control and fuel-efficient systems allowing you to plan, perform and understand the work you are completing with more confidence. The smart control system adapts the pump capacity to the available engine power for greater performance and reduced fuel consumption. This boosts profitability on every construction site.

It is evident that a SANY Excavator can play a key role in improving project efficiencies.

The range of SANY excavators offered by YELLO Equipment™ have the ability to enhance your project and lift profits for you in the long run. The application of excavators is extensive and with education and a thorough understanding of their capabilities, you and your team will complete projects with ease.

For more information specific to your needs or to discuss our range of excavators with our sales team, please contact YELLO Equipment™ on 1300 093 556 or email us at sales@yelloequipment.com