The Different Sizes of SANY Excavators Explained


Excavators – more commonly known as diggers – are earth-moving equipment that can dig, move and redistribute large rocks and soil. Featuring an arm, bucket, cab and movable tracks, excavators can rotate up to 360 degrees and are essential on any construction site, civil works or infrastructure project.

With many optional attachments and digger sizes, excavators can help you complete a range of jobs quickly and efficiently. They are used for demolition, landscaping, material handling, mining, construction, and river dredging projects. Depending on the task, you can remove the digging bucket to diversify the machine and use an auger, grab, hammer, ripper, rake or compaction wheel instead.

These variations make excavators so diverse, capable of any project from large construction site works to small backyard renovations. Yet ensuring the best results from your excavator starts with choosing the right one for the job, and there are multiple SANY excavators to choose from.

We want to make sure you consider all the facts first when determining what excavator size you need:

  1. Worksite size and layout
  2. Terrain
  3. Scope of the project e.g. digging depth, lift height, load capacity, and weight
  4. Site access – how easy is it to get a digger onsite?
  5. The amount of earth being moved

Once you know more about the project, take a look at the excavator sizes available for purchase. Here are the options from leading manufacturer SANY, based on digger size, to help find the right one for your business.


Mini excavators (or mini diggers) are perfect for compact spaces and job sites with delicate or tricky terrain, such as landscaping. They are perfect for digging small holes to plant trees, install piping or water lines, and home renovation projects.

The lightest machine from SANY, mini diggers are the easiest to transport on the back of trailers and small trucks, and because of their lower digger weight, they’re also less likely to experience bogging when working with wet or muddy terrain. As well as being easier to transport than large excavators, they use less power and produce less top-ground damage.

Yello Equipment mini excavator sizes range from 1.7T to 3.8T.

See our SANY mini excavator specs here.
Mini Sized Excavators - YELLO Equipment


Small excavators (also called midi excavators) weigh somewhere between six and ten tonnes and are a common size of excavator used on commercial sites. They’re a great choice when working in small spaces, but you need more power and manoeuvrability than a mini excavator can offer.

Small excavators combine the power of a large earthmover with all the features of a mini excavator (compact design and rubber tracks), giving you the best of all worlds. You can use a small digger on projects like demolishing a small building and for larger construction works – bridges, roads and utilities, and landscaping.

Yello Equipment small excavator sizes range from 5.3T to 9.18T.

See our SANY small excavator specs here.

Small Sized Excavators - YELLO Equipment


Medium excavators (mid-sized crawlers) are the most common excavator size on construction sites. Medium-sized excavators perform the same tasks as small excavators but offer more dig-depth, power and reach.

Considered the Swiss army knife among earthmovers, medium excavators perform tasks beyond excavation, and as such, they are often the first equipment to arrive on site and the last to leave. Their hydraulic systems facilitate multiple tool attachments, and their power and hauling capacity means mid-sized diggers can handle the most challenging jobs.

Yello Equipment medium excavator sizes range from 12.5T to 15.5T.

See our SANY medium excavator specs here.

Medium Sized Excavators - YELLO Equipment


The largest excavator available is necessary for large-scale demolition, quarrying, bulk earthmoving and construction projects that require maximum power and load capacity. Large diggers are useful when digging foundations for large-scale structures – apartments, shopping centres – or for moving large soil volumes for civil engineering works.

As you would expect, the size and hydraulic performance of a large excavator ensures exceptional digging and breakout capability. Put simply; large excavators can move mountains!

Yello Equipment large excavators range from 26.7T to 54.5T.

See our SANY large excavator specs here.

Large Sized Excavators - YELLO Equipment

As the leading SANY excavator dealer in Australia, Yello Equipment offers a range of different sizes of excavators in NSW & QLD from 1.7T excavators through to 54.5T.

If you are not sure what type or size of heavy equipment machinery you need, give us a call on 1300 093 556 – our team will talk you through our excavator size chart in depth and provide professional and friendly advice to help you select the right size excavator for your needs.

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