This machine was built using the feedback of experienced operators to ensure it delivers maximum comfort, efficiencies and impressive power. With a short slewing radius allowing it to work in extremely tight spaces, the SY155U, a 16-tonne excavator, delivers top performance every day. Explore the range of 16-tonne excavators for sale and find the perfect digger for your construction needs.

Engine: ISUZU 4JJ1X
Rated Power: 78.5 kW / 1 900 rpm
Bucket Capacity: 0.6 m3
Operating Mass: 16 000 kg
Warranty: 5 Year/5000 hr

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Quick. Precise. Powerful – SANY SY155U Excavator

For demanding applications, a premier collaborator is essential. SANY, drawing on both its extensive know-how and ingenuity, has launched this impressive 16 tonne excavator, the SY155U short-tail-swing. Its condensed size and notable 16 tonne digger weight permit operations in the most constricted spaces without a drop in output. With this medium-size earth manipulator, you’ll appreciate an extraordinary cost-efficiency, thanks to its economic fuel usage and reduced upkeep expenses.

Utterly reliable, with an unparalleled load-carrying capacity and extended lifespan, the 16 tonne excavator for sale, the SY155U, is impeccably suited for rigorous everyday site conditions!

The fundamentals of the SY155U incorporate features such as…

  • User-friendly design with an improved user experience
  • Robust base ensuring durability and steadiness
  • Short tail swing tailored for the narrowest confines
  • Comprehensive safety package as a default
  • Decreased fuel usage
  • Maintenance-efficient framework for routine checks
  • 5 Year/5000 hr warranty

SANY has instilled immense operational power into this compact 16 tonne excavator, assuring that productivity is delivered today! Indeed, this 16 tonne excavator for sale is a force to be reckoned with.


Displacement 3.0 L
Rated power 78.5 kW / 1800 rpm
Max. digging depth 5468 mm
Max. digging height 9281 mm
Max. digging reach 8338 mm
Max. dumping height 6756 mm
Max. vertical digging depth 3796 mm
Operating weight 16000kg
Min. ground clearance 425 mm
Tail swing radius 1500 mm
Transport height 3820 mm
Transport length 7300 mm
Transport width 2490 mm
Upper width 2490 mm
Boom length 4600 mm
Track gauge 1990mm
Arm digging force 103 kN
Bucket digging force 103 kN
Engine oil 15 L
Fuel tank capacity 210 L
Gradeability 35°
Ground pressure 41 kPa
Hydraulic tank capacity 110 L
Swing speed 12 rpm
Travel speed 5.3 km/h / 3.1 km/h


+ Air suspension seat
+ Reinforced chassis
+ Two proportional auxiliary control circuits on the joystick
+ Camera
+ Short-tail machine with compact dimensions


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