Excavators vs Tractors

Tractors and excavators are two common types of heavy machinery used in a variety of industries, including agriculture and construction. Although they are both frequently seen on jobsites, there are several distinct differences that make them well suited to specific projects and tasks.

The following are distinct factors that make tractors and excavators different:

Design and Power

Designed with large wheels, tractors are generally used to pull or power attachments for diverse earthmoving projects. Tractors are known for having motors more powerful that your normal machine, including excavators, as they can generate horsepower in higher amounts faster and for longer periods.

In spite of that, excavators are powerful in their own right, with the ability to apply a greater force to a construction site than a tractor can, as the arm of an excavator can turn and rotate at a greater speed. Excavators offer a variety of different sizes and shapes, including mini excavators, small excavators, medium excavators and large excavators.

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Features and Attachments

Both machines have been designed for a multitude of purposes and solutions, but they have different attachments and features that can be beneficial to construction sites.

Tractors, for instance, have been created to benefit agriculture lands. Therefore, the features and attachments available for this machine are geared towards supporting farmers. A mid-mount mower and post hole digger are two common accessories used to maintain farm and agricultural lands.

To excavate means to make a hole or channel through the action of digging. Therefore, excavators have been designed to help cater to your earthmoving needs, with endless attachments available to support this action. These attachments can include buckets, hydraulic rock breaker, excavator auger, plus many more.

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Uses and Durability

Excavators have been designed specifically with the intent to dig, as they have been can handle more weight when moving dirt around. Tractors are fantastic at pulling and moving materials effectively around construction sites.

Picking a machine for your required job can be a tricky task. If you are having trouble deciding, YELLO Equipment™ are happy to help! Our team can guide you through your requirements. Contact us today on 1300 093 556 or check out our excavator sales range.