A Complete Guide to Our Earthmoving Attachments

Excavator Attachments

When, How, Where: A Complete Guide to YELLO Equipment™ Earthmoving Attachments

Excavators are powerful units that are usedfor a range of different types of construction, but only with the help of attachments. Without the help of attachments, an excavator can only allow for powerful digging and/or clearing.

Subsequently, attachments are a chartbuster tool regularly used on different machines.

At YELLO Equipment™, we provide a range of different attachments, perfect for all your excavation needs, which each and every one of our SANY excavators can be fitted to. With these attachments, your machine can perform numerous different roles quicker, better, and more efficiently.

For this reason, allow us to share the number of attachments we have available and how you can use them on your construction sites:

+ Buckets

Excavator buckets are an essential construction attachment, designed with teeth either on the outside or inside, which can be fixed to the arm of your designated machine. They are operated and controlled through the controls cabin and arm for the purpose of digging, transporting materials, ripping, cutting, and sifting. For landscaping, demolition, construction, and mining work, however, depending on the bucket type, these attachments can be used for an array of differing tasks.

Bucket attachments have been specifically made and designed to ease excavator operations at construction sites while providing efficiency for overall production. These attachments are available in a range of sizes and shapes. There are several buckets available in the market: digging buckets, rock buckets, utility buckets, ditching buckets, and tilt buckets.

YELLO Equipment™ provides a vast scale of diverse bucket attachments, from trenching to digging materials for substantial jobs we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on providing only the best possible attachments available to ensure the longevity of your machine and maximise your productivity. We source our bucket attachments from reputable brands that have been tested and known to work efficiently with the machines we offer our customers.

We supply a range of trenching buckets. But to be specific, our mini and small range of excavators can greatly benefit from these attachments, as the small trenching buckets can be used for digging narrow and deep trenches, in particular compact spaces. Our mini and small excavators range from 1.7 Tonnes to 9.2 Tonnes and are perfect for saving space onsite and rotating 360 degrees to reach areas not possible with other machines.

For our larger machines, we regularly supply digging buckets for the purpose of penetrating the ground for materials such as mud, dirt, and rocks. Our large excavators range from 31.5 Tonnes to 52.5 Tonnes and have substantial digging power that can handle all your construction needs.

Depending on the machine, financial packages are available, which include different types of attachment and trailer possibilities, conditions apply.

+ Grabs/Grapplers

The grapple bucket, as well as hydraulic grabs, are attachment tools that transport all types of materials and nature substances. Grapplers can be used for both excavators and backhoes, as their primary function is to grab and lift. The grappler can best be described as two buckets that envelope each other, like a jaw that opens and closes. Designed in a range of different sizes and shapes, these tools are the perfect attachment to support your land clearing, waste management, nature material handling, logging, roadwork, and demolition needs.

The maximisation of performance onsite can easily be achieved through the help of attachments such as grapplers. Grapplers comes in all different sizes and types, such as log grappler, combination grapple, and pulpwood grapple.

YELLO Equipment™ provides high quality attachments perfect for your construction requirements. Designed to support our machines, YELLO Equipment™ will only provide the highest achievable technology to meet our customers’ expectations. SANY Machines have been designed with specs that outweigh the requirements of the attachments to ensure both safe and efficient operation.

Our friendly team of experts can inform you of the right attachments and/or machine for you and your task.

+ Hitches

Hitches are a latching attachment used to enable other attachments to be connected to the dipper arm of the device you are using. Hitches are used to maintain safety onsite while interchanging products quickly and skilfully. The process of mounting and dismounting heavy attachments is a task that should not be taken lightly.

YELLO Equipment™ supplies an array of world leading hitches from standard to multi-function rotate, tilt, and grab. Our experts can customise a hitch to suit your needs and increase your productivity, all while putting more dollars back in your pocket.

Depending on the hitch, if the highest of safety standards are not applied then problems and/or injuries could occur. However, at YELLO Equipment™ the hitches we supply customers have been designed to ease the operation of your construction site, while ensuring safety for all involved. The fast change and efficient swapping of buckets and attachments can be easily achieved with YELLO Equipment™.

Safety pins have additionally been used on hitches for the purpose of safety.

+ Ripper

Another great attachment used for heavy and rough tasks is the ripper attachment, which is fitted to an excavator in the expectation of breaking hard surfaces and rocks. Described and fitted like a large tooth, the ripper is the perfect heavy-duty tool designed to tear into and rip up the group for the purpose of digging up hard surfaces.

Previously used for other purposes, rippers are now used for a variety of applications such as forestry and ground remediation. These tools are commonly used pre-excavation.

At YELLO Equipment™, we understand the need for high-quality technology. Poor-quality rippers can snap and break easily, which can slow down your workload and create downtime for your machine.

Quality rippers, combined with the power of the SANY excavators, make tasks such as concrete and tree root removal effortless. YELLO Equipment™ only uses and recommends the highest quality rippers to ensure you’re in front of the game at all times.

YELLO Equipment™ has a diverse variety of medium and large excavators that provide an enormous amount of power, great for the ripper attachment.

+ Breaker/Rock Breaker

Just like its name’s sake, the rock breaker is used to break down or demolish hard surfaces, such as rocks. This can include the manipulation of the sizing of materials, for instance, making large rocks smaller. These attachments are ideally used in the mining industry to remove oversized materials or to demolish areas for construction purposes.

Rock breakers could be considered the easier and larger “Jackhammer” of the construction industry. Being fitted to a machine at a higher power, these machines can easily hack into tough terrain for your construction needs.

A great quality hammer is always set correctly on a machine and specifically designed to ensure the correct hydraulic output is used on a consistent basis. The efficiency and reliability that the attachments can apply to your operation can only be applied if fitted correctly and at a high standard of quality.

With a sizeable fleet of excavators and attachments, the rock breakers we supply have been tested and proven to provide efficiency and high productivity onsite for you and your team. The SANY excavators available in our fleet can easily match with the correct rock breaker attachments to ensure you’re not spending valuable time breaking rocks when you should be adding to your profits.

For more information about accessory items, speak to our excavator specialists to find out which best suits your construction requirements. Call us at 1300 093 556 or visit our website at www.yelloequipment.com/au